Welcome to The Arts of Silence Gallery!

Creating art is a unique way to express who I am, and to give tangible form to the Light and Love that is shining from within. My artworks are reminders that we are all wonderful, radiating beings, never alone and always loved. They help us to open up our hearts and bring more love and balance into our lives.

A tribute from


"Viktoria’s creations are gifts from Spirit. Each is filled with a divinely created vision full of color and depth. Her work titled Silence Beyond the Surface has special meaning for me. If you look closely at it you can see the eyes of Spirit, all seeing and wise, that exist inside you. I also love her flower paintings.”


"Viktoria has uniquely created on canvas what she feels in her heart.  Her pieces seem to tap into a beauty she is “remembering” – the beauty of her own true nature.”


"Viktoria Seavey’s paintings are beautiful, mystical and inspirational!  They take me to a deep place and inspire my connection with Spirit. Thank you Viktoria for sharing your own inspiration!”


"Your paintings are spontaneous and very creative, and they come from a level that you’re not used to dealing with. That is a very high level of channeling, you came in doing this work and this is very important to you. As you continue doing it, you will get better and better, they will channel more and more to you.”


"Each and every piece of Viktoria’s paintings is emanating light as she taps into the Source. She brings forth the beauty, peace and love and translates into unique creations to the visible world as the white board fills up with vibrant colors of light. Let your art bring joy and light to many people’s heart!”